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EPDM - Sports Flor


We produce EPDM rubber granules which are durable, resilient, resistant, eco-friendly and elastic materials ideal for synthetic surfacing. EPDM rubber granules are bond on-site with a suitable PU (polyurethane) binder to satisfy all your needs for a perfect surface. Surfaces produced with EPDM rubber granules are ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations where physical sports activities mostly take place such as sport centres, kids playgrounds, running tracks and many more.

EPDM Rubber Granules are the best choice to use at:

1) Playground Surfacing

5) Volleyball and tennis courts

9) Football fields

2) Factory floors

6) Sport Centre floors

10) Tennis courts

3) Airport floors

7) Fitness Centre floors

11) Golf fields

4) Aircraft hangar floors

8) Hospital floors

12) Running tracks